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Last Updated: 20/01/2024

Order Cancellation, Return & Refund: 

After Delivery of the Digital Producs, Antivirus Software & Other Software, order can not be cancelled, can not be returned and payments will not be refunded. Incase you have purchased any Pricing Plan, make sure you choose the right plan, best suited to your needs. Once paid, no amount is refunded even on cancellation of pricing plans & subscriptions. Refund may only be made, in-case the product is not working and customer is not willing to take any replacement. Cash refunds will not be made to the customer under any circumstances. The refund will be transferred to the customer’s account via same method what was used for payment. This process is done only after proper verification by our partners, technical team and product owners and on sole descretion of InfiTrade eCommerce and it's authorities. Please allow us to process the same within 7 working days, if eligible. If any software key is not functioning, a complaint should be raised to the product manufacturer to resolve the same. It may take more time and is dependent on the software manufacturer or provider. We will not be responsible foe any delay, loss or damage, direct or indirect or in any other possible form, caused due to the same.



For any direct, indirect, special, incidental, consequential or any other forms of damages occured due to the usage of any of our Digital Products, Software & Other Related Products & Services Like Pricing Plans, Membership Plans etc, we will not be liable under any legal obligation or contract. We distribute/Sell these products as is received from the manufacturers, partners & publishers. Please read and understand their license terms and terms of use of those products completely, before you start using them. We may be liable for any damages caused by any breach of a material contractual obligation with intention or gross negligence by us but limited to a maximum of the Product Cost, which is mentioned in our website or you have paid, whichever is lower.


You are responsible for checking the delivery of product & Services by us, to you. If product is not delivered to you as per description, you can notify us within 48 working hours, otherwise, your rights are excluded.

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If you have any questions about this Cancellation & Refund Policy, please contact us by email:

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